criminal abuse at Ramapo Ridge

Please share any personal accounts of abuse or mistreatment you or your loved ones have experienced at Ramapo Ridge Psychiatric Hospital.
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criminal abuse at Ramapo Ridge

Post by jacob » Wed Dec 19, 2018 4:58 pm

I was in this facility many years ago and was treated so horribly I needed a lawyers help to get released. I don't know what they do to patients now but when I was there it was like a strange religious cult. My internist has a patient who was abused worse there than in the military and that includes boot camp. I met someone on a talk line who was abused too.

Things I noticed and remember.
1- my room was too hot or too cold.
2- I witnessed other patients being verbally mentally and emotionally abused.
3-Staff yelled at us for no apparent reason.
4-The rules changed at their whim.
5-I lost weight there. The only hospital where I lost weight from not enough food.
6-There was no radio or TV and no newspapers or magazines.
7-The payphone was off the majority of the time. We were cut off from the outside world.

This is all I can stand to write today as it brings up my PTSD issues. I hope to hear from others and maybe get some validation and support from fellow sufferers.

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