Please share any personal accounts of abuse or mistreatment you or your loved ones have experienced at Ramapo Ridge Psychiatric Hospital.
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I started to write about the abuse I suffered in Ramapo Ridge years ago and looking back on it now I realize it looks like an unorganized rant. I was truly subjected to destabilizing mental, emotional, verbal, physical, and even spiritual mistreatment. It was some time ago but it stays in my mind. The staff all seemed to work together to break down the patients systematically. It almost caused me to break from reality. That was their intention.

They used a sophisticated number of techniques which come by different names. The simplest is unfreezing, changing, and refreezing. It means simply to unfreeze or break down your beliefs to a blank state of mind, changing or inserting the new beliefs chosen by Ramapo Ridge operators and then refreezing or solidifying the new false beliefs. This sounds simple but it is not.

So many factors were involved day in and day out that brought some patients who were broken to give up their fight to remain who they really were. I saw 2 veterans abused. One, an older man was broken, and another a marine who signed out. A younger woman was mistreated till she had no soul in her eyes. I watched her change as they pressured her to break from her beliefs.

And one day she walked by in the hallway and didn't seem to know me anymore. An elderly woman sat in her doorway and said over and over "This is a bad place this is a bad place". I felt bad for her because I couldn't help her. I had to help myself. Several patients signed out including myself. One of the doctors has since lost his license. It's hard to be abused in a mental institution because you don't have much credibility to the outside world.

It's a prime situation for people to abuse other people. Prisons are another and nursing homes are another. Some situations bring out the worst cruelty in other people. I have more to write but it is painful to remember what I witnessed and experienced there. I hope things have changed since my stay. I will write more another day.

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